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How to gain visibility for your website in 2020

In 2020, the question of visibility is increasingly important for your website. If you have just put your personal site online, this already presents an essential step. The question now is, how do you improve your visibility to attract potential customers? This phase is very essential to obtain satisfactory results. For this, you have at your disposal two solutions: the paid mode and the free mode.

The solutions to choose to optimize the visibility of your site
Before going any further, you should note that free solutions are available to promote the visibility of your site. However, be aware that they take too long to materialize your needs. Like what, the results can be visible after a few weeks, and even a few months. And this is where you need to call on an agency specializing in natural referencing. But if you’re the type to wait, this alternative can still be beneficial for all of your activities.

Paid solutions, on the other hand, will cost you money, but the results are almost immediate. Obviously, you don’t have to choose only the free or paid methods, but you can combine these two solutions to get an even more relevant result. Find below the free solutions available to you.

Google My Business, a free solution offered by Google
To improve their visibility, the web giant, Google, offers businesses a free tool called “Google My Business”. This solution consists in presenting the complete identity of your company as well as its main activities. For this to work, you need to provide your phone number, hours, address and more. The Google My Business listing also gives you the privilege of embedding a link on your website.

Therefore, a good positioning of your card on Google My Business on all of your activities will allow your site to probably gain visibility with initiated Internet users. However, like other free services, there are elements to avoid which must be taken into account when using it.

Natural referencing, a reliable and free way to position your site
The main search engine used by Internet users remains Google. This is the reason why it is essential to properly position your website on the latter through the use of strategic keywords of your activity. It should be remembered that a good position clearly means a minimum site on the first page of Google. It’s one of the best sources of traffic right now.

The best thing is above all to be among the first search results on the first page. Only SEO offers a solution that gives you the opportunity to position your site for free. Note that this type of SEO requires time as well as advanced SEO skills.

Social networks, alternatives to gain visibility in a different way
Often offered free of charge, social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn, present an excellent solution to improve the visibility of its website in 2020. As an example, you can create a professional page on Facebook for your business .

Completely free, this process allows you to share the main information on your activity. Also, you can embed a link to your website. However, using this platform, you need to grow your community on Facebook. At the same time, it will allow your site to gain visibility.

Establish online press relations

Online press relations can be a relevant way to systematically improve the visibility of your website. With this solution, you can start publishing articles from your industry on blogs or other specialized sites. In other words, an article with a link to your website on a blog or popular site, related to sector of activity, presents great opportunities to bring you a good number of visitors, potentially interested in your services. Of course, all of these exchanges are carried out for free, but require time to contact all bloggers or webmasters.

Elements to take into account to improve the visibility of your site
For this year, you are spoiled for choice regarding the tools to improve the visibility of your website. To acquire a reliable result with social networks, Google My Business, natural referencing or online press relations, you absolutely must respect certain rules.

Otherwise, improving your visibility Your website will never meet your expectations. But if you bet on the right techniques, the results will be immediate. If however free operations do not really connect you, there are still paid solutions that are responsible for boosting the visibility of your site in record time. In addition, it should be remembered that knowledge in SEO is an asset for achieving a specific objective.


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