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How to generate 100 qualified leads on LinkedIn in 2020?

You have a good product or a good service. A good sales funnel (this step is essential). The question now is how to generate 100 leads per week to speed up your business in 2020.

LinkedIn is a good opportunity to find new customers. After some research, we found tools like Linked Helper and Dux-soup. We did a free trial: we quickly understood that these tools were obsolete.

Then, we decided to develop our own tool internally. Talking to other entrepreneurs around us, we realized that we were a packet with the same need.

Why am I telling you this story?
Because today I would like to share with you what we have learned over the past 6 months on how to develop your business in BtoB and how we have managed to reach today a lot of leads per month.

Test, measure, iterate

I believe this is a fundamental concept of lead generation and entrepreneurship in general. There is no point in deliberating for hours on the best solution. Find an idea and test it there. Measure these results. Iterate on what works.

Thanks to automation and digital tools, today you can very easily contact dozens of people about an idea, measure the results and try to improve.

Take an example: I thought that contacting people who had joined a group on a specific topic was interesting. First, I tested a group approach around lead generation. I have had good results. Then I refined my approach based on feedback. I ended up getting more than 50% acceptance.

But that’s not all. I also thought that contacting growth hacking agencies to sell our product to them was a great idea. I scoured Growth Hacking agency pages to find and contact decision makers. We got ridiculous conversion rates and stopped contacting them. Yet on paper, it was a much better idea than prospecting for LinkedIn groups.

Be original

Let’s say that this advice goes with the previous one. Today your prospects receive several invitations to canvassing per day. You have to differentiate yourself, not to drown in the crowd.

So test original approaches: tu, an open and provocative question, a gif, an audio message. In short, show how much you can add value to your prospect. See our article on the 5 original notes to help you!

Put yourself in the place of your prospect and make it a ROI KING. Return On Investment. You understand the pun.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Watch what he wants. Certainly not to receive a Inmail like “Hello I want to sell you XXX”.

No, he wants to know that we are concerned about his problems. That we are interested in its activity, in his profile. What he does and why he does it. Make him speak! Be kind. Respond to all his requests.

A satisfied prospect is a future customer but also a future prescriber of your product or service.

Automate. Go up the ladder.

You have tested and find something that works. Now is the time to automate it, to scale it up. Not a minute to lose, you need to refine your technique. Automate it. Make it “scalable”.

At the beginning we prospected with 3 or 4 LinkedIn accounts. Finding that we had good results we went to 10 and then to 20.

By iterating on our approaches, on the optimization of our profiles, on our methods we have generated thousands of qualified leads through this channel! 😁


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