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“What should we do… and why to grow your business?”

Smart brands use search to leverage the power of intent and show up exactly where and when their consumers are looking for them. According to Google, there are more than 3.5B searches done per day and 50% of consumers will visit a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone, making search a high impact, data rich channel for brands.

A truly impactful search solution is built with a firm understanding of business goals, customers, and future search intent. It is capable of cutting through the noise and providing a more seamless advertising experience for the searcher while delivering the right outcomes for our clients.

Builiding a predictive model

Founded in 1983, Gardener’s Supply Company is an employee-owned gardening supply business located in Vermont. They have a highly seasonal business cycle with the majority of their revenues coming in March to May. Through analyzing spring weather patterns around the United States and other data sets, our search team was able to build a correlation between rising temperatures and increased purchases on their site. Beginning with the southern states reaching temps of 70-80 degrees, we could start to see revenue spikes, a trend that continued as the northern states also warmed up. Using Gardener’s historical purchase and planting data, we were able to build a predictive model to know when and where we should increase our keyword bids as states reached their ideal temperature thresholds. By applying this geo-parting into our strategy, we increased YOY revenue by more than 8% and reducing ad serving costs by more than 27%.


Princess Cruises needed an agency partner to heighten relevance during consumer searches and help establish the brand as a market leader in Alaskan cruises. AMP redefined Princess’s SEO strategy with enhancements and a restructuring of the brands paid search accounts. Our on-site and off-site optimization led to a 38% decrease in CPC, a 16% increase in CTR, and a 61% decrease in cost per lead. Shortly thereafter, our diligent improvements to the site architecture of the Princess Cruises website helped the brand achieve its ultimate goal of achieving the #1 organic search ranking for the term “Alaska Cruise.”

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Deep Search

Using our Deep Search™ and MomentAware™ technologies, we collect psychographic, demographic and shopping data including CRM, social, real-time product inventory.



With the proliferation of voice-directed devices, a brand needs to understand how to tailor their keyword strategy to align to how humans speak versus type.



Technology is not the only area of innovation, however. Our research shows that 71% of consumers want personalized ads, and this number is only growing.

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