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Driving rankings, traffic or direct response conversions.

"Turning brands into the answer consumers seek."

With over 60% of total traffic to brand websites being driven by search, and 50% of consumers visiting a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone, search is how people discover information on the internet and often begin their shopping journeys.

In today’s information economy, search engines are the arbiters that determine what answers consumers get to their questions – prioritizing brands and content that are helpful, informative, and optimized across screens and devices – at the most important moment – when consumers are actively looking.

Search Engine Optimization

Ongoing optimization is the key to success in search. Search is more expensive on a per-impression and per-click basis than other forms of digital advertising. The value of search lies in its unparalleled ability to optimize toward conversion by using data to personalize offers to targeted users when they are actively and specifically seeking that information.

Content strategy, optimization & promotion

Content plays a critical role in search optimization. Not only does it take the pressure off media budgets by providing “free” traffic but effective content builds loyalty and positions brands as  thought leaders in their space.  Great content pays off, literally. The Content Council has reported that 55% of consumers are not only attracted to custom content, but would most likely buy the products or services of the content provider.

And, with 50% of consumers turning to Amazon for their initial product search, content becomes critical for brands to surpass the walled garden and connect directly with their customers.

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Bid Management

Combination of algorithmic, automated processes and manual adjustments.


Ad Testing

Ongoing ad testing, aggregating performance across multiple ads for faster data collection.


Budget Adjustments

Ongoing recommendations for budget adjustment based on campaign performance as a part of regular reporting.

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